Satellite Data and Services Center AVISO

This centre is dedicated to the exploitation of altimetric data, derived from satellite observations of the measurement of the oceans height. It is based in Toulouse, managed by the CNES as part of the SALP multi-mission project, in two separate entities: AVISO and the CTOH. While each has its own specific characteristics, they both carry out joint actions. In 2014, the AVISO+ website was created through the merging of the AVISO and CTOH websites.

AVISO (Archivage, Validation et Interprétation des données des Satellites Océanographiques): Archiving, Validation and Interpretation of Oceanographic Satellite Data, is developed under the responsibility of the CNES from 1992 as part of the SALP project.

These data come from the SSALTO/DUACS processing chain which operates, validates and calculates the combined products of several satellite missions in a homogeneous and operational manner.

In 2017, the CNES delegates to CMEMS the responsibility for the processing and distribution of SSALTO/DUACS products.

CTOH (Centre de Topographie des Océans et de l'Hydrosphère): Center of Topography of the Oceans and Hydrosphere, is established in 1989 and is labeled as an INSU Observation Service. It is supported by CNRS, CNES, IRD, OMP and UPS. The CTOH uses altimetric data from the perspective of developing processing algorithms and products dedicated to emerging applications (continental hydrology, ice, coastal ocean) and leads an independent scientific expertise role for the CNES and ESA science project teams.


Physical Oceanography

  • Sea heights: SSH along the track, grilled SSH (MSLA sea height anomalies and MADT dynamic topography), offshore and coastal domain;
  • Geostrophic currents;
  • Waves (SWH);
  • Wind (wind speed module);
  • Auxiliary altimetry products (amplitude prediction model, tidal phases and currents, mean ocean surface, mean dynamic topography, atmospheric dynamic correction);
  • Ocean Indicators (Mean Sea Level, El Niño, Kuroshio, Ionian Sea);
  • Derivated products (trajectory of mesoscale vortices, convergences and particle divergences in mesoscale filaments FSLE);
  • In-situ products: tide gauges;
  • Global Altimeter Backscatter Charts;
  • Arctic pack ice thickness (sea ice);
  • Snow Thickness on the Arctic Pack Ice.

Access to data


The AVISO Data and Services Centre is dedicated to the exploitation of altimetry satellite data:

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Projects list


from 2013, a project funded by CNES for experimental products produced by CLS.
Specific product based on Saral/AltiKa altimetry measurements, using dedicated processing and corrections. Improvements in conventional satellite radar altimetry parameters lead to more accurate products on different types of ground surfaces


2007-2017, a project funded by CNES for experimental products produced by CLS.
Specific products for coastal and inland waters based on Jason-2 altimetry measurements, including dedicated treatments (retracking of waveforms) and corrections (dry or wet troposphere corrections, etc.). This improves the "classical" satellite radar altimetry products on these areas, and thus leads to more accurate data near coasts and on inland waters.


Scientific publications

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