Hosting Structures

Structures hosting data producers

Due to their research or monitoring tasks, data producers are entities which produce and check data. These entities are responsible for data from the point of their acquisition until their release in the form of approved data sets. These data are acquired through observation networks (on-site and satellite), or research campaigns at sea conducted by laboratories.

Data producers are hosted in structures attached to what are known as “Établissements Publics” – that is, literally, “Public Institutions”. According to their intrinsic activities, the nature of these institutions may vary: administrative (EPA - Établissements Publics à caractère Administratif); cultural, scientific and professional (EPCSP - Établissements Publics à caractère Culturel, Scientifique et Professionnel); industrial and commercial (EPIC - Établissements Publics à caractère Industriel et Commercial); or scientific and technological (EPST - Établissements Publics à caractère Scientifique et Technologique).