Research Programs and Projects

The ODATIS Ocean Cluster relies on several European research infrastructures:

  • Several ODATIS partners contribute to EMODNET and the H2020-Atlantos project on aspects relevant to the Ocean Cluster (data sets and products on the Atlantic),
  • ODATIS is part of the ENVRI Plus approach along with the other data centres.
  • ODATIS will provide data sets in support of the DCSMM.

    The European Copernicus Marine Environmental Monitoring Service (CMEMS) provides regular and systematic baseline information on the physical and biogeochemical state, variability and dynamics of the ocean and marine ecosystems for the global ocean and European regional seas.


    GEOTRACES is an international marine geochemistry research program whose objectives are to identify processes and quantify fluxes that control the distribution of key trace elements and their isotopes in the ocean.

  • AtlantOs
  • SeaDataCloud

    The SeaDataCloud project is a European project of the Horizon 2020 Program coordinated by IFREMER, bringing together 56 partners and 5 subcontractors. It aims to improve the services offered by the SeaDataNet infrastructure by using the Cloud environment and high-performance computation services (HPC).

  • ROEC

    The ROEC project aims to set up a network of continuous, high-frequency observations of the coastal environment, based on a multidisciplinary approach (physics, biology and chemistry).