Tools and softwares

All the data collected via the various observation services and networks requires validation before being used and enhanced. Scientific expertise can be based on a set of tools and software, made available to process, compare, extrapolate, visualize and validate a set of data so that they can be used in research publications and reports or introduced into models (long-term visualization, climate prediction, etc.). Among all these tools and software, three types are available within the ODATIS cluster:

  • Softwares consist of a set of programs, processes and calculation rules that form a complete chain for processing a data set. These are accessible and downloadable online.
  • Tools are particular elements that can operate without software and meet a specific processing need. These are also accessible and downloadable online.
  • The online tools are identical to the tools previously presented, with the exception that the latter cannot be downloaded and installed on private servers. These tools only allow the user to access and visualize the data and/or results obtained from the online data.