Data and Services

The ODATIS Ocean Cluster offers several services for both users and data producers:

  • A catalogue with several data access services tools:
    • a search service with selection filters integrated into the catalogue interface;
    • a data description service (via two tabs: "Overview" and "Complete");
    • a visualization service;
    • a direct download service or via the local partner portal.
  • Services for data producers to define common bases for all data producers and make datasets interoperable so that these resources are coherent, shareable, usable and in a multidisciplinary approach required to study the Earth system, so that all these data can be combined with each other:
    • support for the definition of metadata;
    • data hosting;
    • creation of a DOI associated with the data;
    • storage on archiving platforms (offline);
    • support on terms of use and data sharing;
    • support for compliance with format standards;
    • support for the elaboration and massive production of data.