About us

  • What is the ODATIS Ocean Cluster?

    The ODATIS Ocean Cluster (Ocean Data Information and Services) is the entry point to access all the French Ocean observation data. Its aim is to promote and facilitate the use of Ocean observations sampled by way of in situ and remote sensing measurements. ODATIS contributes to describing, quantifying and understanding the ocean as a whole — offshore and coastal

  • Background and structure

    Background to the creation of the ODATIS Ocean Cluster which is one of the 4 clusters in the Earth and Environment Science Research Infrastructure, Data Terra. Presentation of the Ocean Cluster’s tasks, its objectives, its decision-making and management organization

  • Data and Service Centres

    Data and Service Centres are partner centers that ensure the provisi on of services with respect to the following core functions: hosting and managing databases/products, making data/products accessible/interoperable through the Cluster’s portal, and maintaining the associated documentation. There is a distinction to be made between in situ and satellite Data and Service Centres.