JERICONEXT - Joint european research infrastructure network for coastal observatory - Novel european expertise for coastal

JERICO-NEXT points out that the complexity of the coastal ocean cannot be well understood if the interconnection between physics, biogeochemistry and biology is not guaranteed. Such integration requires new technological developments that allow continuous monitoring of a greater number of parameters.

Objective of JERICONEXT: To improve and innovate cooperation in coastal observatories in Europe by implementing the coastal part of a European ocean observing system, to cooperate with other European initiatives such as ESFRI (EURO-ARGO, EMSO, EMBRC), Integrated Infrastructures (FIXO3,.), the OCEAN OF TOMORROW Sensor Innovation Project (SenseNET, NEXOS), the Emerging European Biological Network (EMBRC) and EMODnet to help provide services to the research community and society.


IFREMER and 33 experts associated experts from 15 countries