Analyse Multidisciplinaire de la Mousson (AMMA)

AMMA is an international and interdisciplinary research program that studies the variability of the West African Monsoon and its impacts on populations. The oceanographic component of AMMA aims to understand the ocean circulation, its variability in the Gulf of Guinea and its role in the monsoon.

For these oceanographic studies, two campaigns have participated in surveys in the tropical Atlantic: a French campaign carried out within the framework of PIRATA organized by IRD, and a German campaign, within the framework of TACE organized by IFM-GEOMAR.

These campaigns were planned in May-June in order to better understand the processes at play just before and during the establishment of equatorial upwelling and cold water tongue in the Gulf of Guinea. Gliders implemented from the 2 ships carried out measurements from the surface to 1000m depth in the equatorial band at different longitudes (20°W, 16°30'W, 14°W, 10°W and 0°E).