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The objective of scientific campaigns is to carry out an in situ estimation of a multitude of parameters and are in fact platforms for data collection and analysis. These campaigns can be an integral part of programmes or projects developed at different scales (national, European or international) and can be one-off (a campaign carried out once only over a period of a few months) or be planned over the long term and repeated in a more or less cyclical way like the PIRATA campaigns (once a year for 20 years now).

There are two types of campaigns: offshore et coastal.

  • From a few days to several months, offshorecampaigns are carried out on offshore vessels (Le Thalassa, L'Atalante, Le Pourquoi pas?, etc.) and are mainly used for physical oceanography and fisheries.
  • Coastal campaigns are generally shorter in duration and are used for coastal oceanographic campaigns on smaller vessels (Thalia, Téthys II, Gwen Drez, etc.).

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