Internal activities

Technical Workshops

The ODATIS Ocean cluster organizes several technical workshops each year, bringing together partners around presentations and round tables to define the cluster's technical orientations and services. List and (restricted) access to these presentations.

Scientific Expertise Consortium

The ODATIS Ocean cluster relies on Scientific Expertise Consortia (CES) to promote and enhance innovative treatment methods and products for spatial, airborne or in-situ observation of the ocean.

External activities

Research Disciplines

What are we measuring in the oceans? Presentation of the monitored, collected and measured parameters in the oceans according to the major scientific disciplines: Marine biology, Marine biogeochemistry, Ocean physics, Geology, Meteorology for ocean-atmosphere interactions.

External projects

Observation projects, programmes and other projects are structuring research actions focused on a specific scientific theme. By bringing together the research community and operational agencies, they aim to coordinate, on a regional or ocean basin scale, a set of interdisciplinary and international research programmes over often long periods.

Monitoring devices

Measuring the vast expanses of the oceans in their 3 dimensions implies a great diversity of observation methods. The datasets and products offered by ODATIS are based on observations collected with systems deployed from ships or drifting devices, balloons, aircraft, fixed equipment on land or at sea and systems installed on satellites. These data can also be produced through various projects and sea campaigns.