Monitoring devices

Measuring the vast expanses of the oceans in their 3 dimensions implies a great diversity of observation methods. The datasets and products offered by the ODATIS cluster are based on observations collected with systems deployed from ships or drifting devices, balloons, aircraft, fixed equipment on land or at sea and systems installed on satellites. These data can also be produced through worksites and campaigns at sea.

  • Research cruises

    Offshore or coastal oceanographic surveys are designed to provide an in-situ estimate of a multitude of parameters and are, in fact, platforms for data collection and analysis.

  • Observation networks

    Recurring in-situ measurements are collected by observation services that can be grouped into networks or by laboratories performing repetitive measurements. These observation networks are part of a long-term approach whose main objective is to acquire relevant and systematic data on a multitude of parameters.

  • Satellites

    The oceans are not only observed by boat, gaining height to observe them on their surface also has advantages: global, systematic, recurrent measurements and with embedded sensors capable of measuring a multitude of parameters.