Services for data producers

The ODATIS Ocean Cluster federates data management and scientific expertise activities at the national level to promote and facilitate the use of oceanographic observations. ODATIS' partner centres offer guaranteed services on data management in terms of referencing, hosting, distribution and interoperability.

The challenge is therefore to define common bases for all data producers and to make datasets interoperable so that their resources are coherent, shareable, exploitable and in a multidisciplinary approach required to study the Earth system, so that the data can be combined with each other.

The ODATIS Ocean Cluster offers several services to data producers to help them to implement the FAIR principles, make data more visible and accessible by being referenced in the ODATIS catalogue, better tracked and cited via a unique identification number ("DOI") and preserved in secure warehouses (off-line archiving). These various services are summarized in the adjacent illustration and are accessible in the subpages of this section.

For any questions regarding these data management and valuation services, please use the "Contact" form.