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ROEC objectives: To set up a network of continuous, high frequency observations of the coastal environment, based on a multidisciplinary approach (physics, biology and chemistry) - Project of the State-Region Plan Contract for Brittany 2015-2020.

The ROEC project (Réseau d'Observations[Haute Fréquence] pour l'Environnement Côtier) is a regional version of an observation network that aims to provide continuous high frequency monitoring of the environmental status of water bodies through various physical, hydrological, biogeochemical and biological parameters. In general, the establishment of a coherent observation network and long-term or even sustainable monitoring should make it possible to evaluate:

  • the evolution and variability of currents, tides, turbidity and hydrological structure in coastal areas (temperature and salinity);
  • changes in the nature and availability of nutrients (related to biology) and associated variations in primary production;
  • the evolution of the trophic chain structure in response to previous conditions, such as the size structure of planktonic communities, which influence the recycling of material in the water column and transfers to higher trophic levels (fish).

This monitoring is possible through the :

  • deployment and maintenance of the Breton component of the national coastal observation network;
  • development and testing of new technological tools for coastal observation;
  • progress made in understanding the consequences of global change on coastal ecosystems through the development of methodologies and models to understand observed phenomena.

This project is supported by Ifremer and Shom. It is financed by the Brittany Region, the European Union via the ERDF, Brest Metropole and the Department Council 29.

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