Data and Service Centres

The Data and Service Centres provide a set of operational functions for data management and/or processing, described in the "Specifications of the Data Centres".


  • In situ Data and Service Centres (CDS)

    In situ Data and Service Centres make use of observations gathered using systems deployed from ships or drifting gear, balloons, fixed equipment on land or at sea. These data can be derived from projects and campaigns at sea.

  • Satellite Data and Service Centers (CDS)

    Satellite Data and Service Centres make use of observations collected by instruments such as sensors installed on satellites.

Data centres ensure the provision of services on the following essential functions: 

  • Hosting and managing databases/products;
  • Make data/products accessible and/or interoperable through the cluster portal;
  • Maintaining the related documentation.

Some Data and Services Centres may provide additional services:

  • Providing access to data/products via discovery, selection and extraction tools which are compatible with the Cluster’s main portal;
  • Ensuring long-term archiving;
  • Assigning DOIs;
  • Synchronizing with international databases;
  • Creating products related to a geographic area or topic;
  • Providing processing tools;
  • Providing computing resources.