DOI provision

The ODATIS Ocean Cluster offers support to data producers for the provision of a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) for a dataset. Further information about this DOI provision on this page, tab "DOI provision".  

To initiate a DOI request, please fill in the fields below corresponding to a list of metadata. These metadata will be reported on DataCite by SEDOO. Finally, after processing your request, we will provide you with the DOI number. 

Mandatory fields are identified by *

Your DOI Creation Request Form

DOI Creation Request Form

Metadata list

If such landing page does not yet exist, the ODATIS catalogue product sheet, referencing your dataset, will correspond to this landing page. In the latter case, please indicate above this URL of the ODATIS catalogue. If your dataset is being registered in the ODATIS catalogue and has not yet been confirmed, please indicate "waiting for the ODATIS URL".

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