Offshore sea campaigns

Offshore sea campaigns Offshore sea campaigns

Offshore campaigns are important sources of data production at the national and international levels in many areas of scientific research and observation: marine geoscience, physical and biological oceanography, ocean biogeochemistry, marine biodiversity, etc. The offshore campaigns can also meet monitoring or expertise needs, and can cover fields other than oceanography such as hydrography, the study of marine weather hazards, the study of volcanic or seismic events, the assessment of fish stocks, etc.

Since 1909, the date of the first recorded campaign for the French Ocean Cruises (FOF) on board of the Thor, more than 8500 oceanographic campaigns have been recorded for a wide variety of missions: underwater images acquisition, technological and acoustic tests, transit, sea trial campaigns, laying-and retrieving anchorages, data acquisition, etc.

Access the descriptive sheets of each campaign at sea on the French Oceanographic Cruises website or from the updated list of the latest campaigns at sea on this page of the ODATIS website.