Satellite Data and Services Center CERSAT


The CERSAT (Centre d’Exploitation et de  Recherche SATellitaire) centre is dedicated to the provision to the scientific user community of advanced satellite datasets with a focus on air-sea interface and the combination of multiple sensors. It is based in Brest, managed by Ifremer and operated jointly though two supporting departments : IRSI for production and dissemination, and the LOPS (Laboratoire d’Oceanographie Physique et Spatiale) for the development and validation of the scientific datasets.

The delivered datasets come from processing chains developed and operated internally or through associated entities, such as Météo-France/CMS, and multi-partner projects funded by organizations such as ESA, Eumetsat, CNES, CMEMS, etc.... They range from data delivered in near real time to long and homogeneous time series of essential climate variables.