Background and structure

ODATIS’ governance is based on a two-tier structure comprising decision-making bodies and executive bodies, both of which have scientific expertise.
Hosting Structures
Data producers are hosted in structures attached to what are known as “Établissements Publics” – that is, literally, “Public Institutions”. The nature of these institutions may vary according to their intrinsic activities: administrative (EPA - Établissements Publics à caractère Administratif); cultural, scientific and professional (EPCSP - Établissements Publics à caractère Culturel, Scientifique et Professionnel); industrial and commercial (EPIC - Établissements Publics à caractère Industriel et Commercial); or scientific and technological (EPST - Établissements Publics à caractère Scientifique et Technologique).
Legal framework
Research Code, national strategies, decisions, laws and implementing provisions, forming part of official French research policy.
International context
The ODATIS Ocean Cluster participates in several European and international projects: description of these large European and international programs.