ODATIS, Ocean Data Information and Services, serves as the entry point to access all French Ocean observation data. Its general objective is to promote and facilitate the use of ocean observations sampled by way of in situ and remote sensing measurements (satellites…). ODATIS contributes to describing, quantifying and understanding the ocean as a whole — offshore and coastal — with regard to aspects such as the dynamics and thermodynamics of the ocean, the evolution of its physico-chemical properties, biogeochemical cycles, the operation of marine ecosystems, the evolution of the ocean and the ocean-climate relationship in the past.


Atelier Technique ODATIS #3

News about ODATIS

L'atelier Technique du Pôle Océan ODATIS vient de se terminer à Toulouse sur le thème des Bonnes pratiques techniques au service de...


Nouveau produit bathymétrie


Présentation d'un nouveau produit du CDS-IS-OMP inscrit au catalogue ODATIS: il s'agit d'un jeu de données de bathymétrie à haute résolution en mer...