Research disciplines

What are we measuring in the oceans? Presentation of the parameters observed, collected and measured in the oceans according to the main scientific disciplines: Marine biology, Marine biogeochemistry, Ocean physics, Geology, Meteorology.These pages present the parameters measured according to a synthetic description by dynamically grouping together several information presented on other pages of the ODATIS site. From a page of a given parameter, direct links lead you to the data catalogue.

  • Marine biology
  • Marine Biogeochemistry

    Nutrients (Nutrients), Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM), Chemical Elements (Soluble and Particulate Forms) and Contaminants, Dissolved Oxygen, Metals and Metalloids, Isotopes, Turbidity, Alkalinity (pH)

  • Physical Oceanography

    Temperature, Salinity, Sea Heights, Current, Wave, Tide, Pressure (Water Column), Ice, Acoustics, Optical Parameters (Backscattering / Attenuation / Absorption Coefficients)

  • Geology

    Sedimentary flow, Coastline, Hydrology (river flows at sea)

  • Meteorology