Marine biology

These pages present the measured parameters according to a synthetic description by dynamically grouping together several information:

  • direct links lead you to the data catalogue;
  • presentation of the latest news directly related to this theme;
  • description of the means of observation and collection;
  • list of bibliographical and documentary references.
Presentation of health surveillance networks in shellfish farming areas
Benthic habitats
Presentation of datasets that focus on benthic habitats (physical habitat maps, biological zone maps...) and those that inhabit them (REBENT, Benthos...).
Tropical marine life organisms
Presentation of the French Polynesian Coral Reef Observation Service.
Pathogenic organisms
Toxines (lipophiles, amnésiantes, paralysantes)
Presentation of zooplankton, or animal plankton (as opposed to phytoplankton)