European Programs

The ODATIS Ocean Cluster relies on the Euro-Argo RI, EMSO and on the JERICOnext network, and contributes on an informal basis to various European projects already under way:

  • Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Services (CMENS), a service led by Mercator Ocean which develops level 3 and 4 observation products (from satellite and on-site observations), as well as analyses and forecasts obtained through the assimilation of these products in ocean models;
  • Several partners of the ODATIS Ocean Cluster contribute to EMODNET and to the H2020 - Atlantos project as regards aspects falling under the Cluster’s responsibility (data sets and products relating to the Atlantic Ocean);
  • The ODATIS Ocean Cluster is part of the ENVRI Plus initiative, together with the other data poles;
  • The ODATIS Ocean Cluster will provide data sets to support the DCSMM (the Marine Strategy Framework Directive – MSFD).

For future calls for tender, the ODATIS Ocean Cluster will bid for both infrastructures and services: 

Le pôle océan ODATIS est aujourd'hui impliqué dans plusieurs projets européens en cours :